Veterinarian & Owner

Russell Johnson, DVM

Dr. Johnson received his veterinary medical degree in 1990 from Texas A & M University and has practiced veterinary medicine in the greater Dallas / Ft. Worth area, including North Richland Hills, for over 28 years.

In addition to practicing general veterinary medicine, Dr. Johnson also has special interests in dermatology, endocrinology, and internal medicine. He is the ONLY Pen HIP certified veterinarian in NE Tarrant County, allowing him to excel in canine hip evaluation, important for properly diagnosing hip dysplasia which can affect many popular dog breeds.

Dr. Johnson, an Abilene, Texas native, came into veterinary medicine following in his grandfather’s footsteps.” I grew up listening to stories my grandfather would tell about his days as a veterinary practitioner,” he says, which has helped give Dr. Johnson “a passion for animals and for learning as much as possible about them.” It is his caring personality and high level of veterinary skill that has quickly made him a popular veterinarian among Neighborhood’s clients and their pets.

As a husband and father, Dr. Johnson enjoys spending time with his family as well as his dachshund, Lilly. His wife, Lisa, joined the clinic team in January 2010, and his son Reese enjoys fishing. Fishing and camping are Dr. Johnson’s favorite activities outside of providing the best medical care possible to the dogs and cats at Neighborhood Pet Health Center.


Daniel Finch, DVM

My name is Dr. Daniel Finch, or Dan for short. I grew up in Iowa in a small town. This is where my interest in animals sparked as I was surrounded by farm land and livestock

I graduated from Ross University of Veterinary Medicine in 2014. The University is located on a small island in the Caribbean called St. Kitts. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there, as the weather and scenery were a wonderful distraction to the stress and exhaustion that came with vet school.

While on the island, I came across a mixed breed pup that was incredibly sweet and a bit wild. I took him in, named him Piston and brought him back home with me. He is a great addition to my family.

Since graduating, my interest in surgery has grown and it’s a very rewarding experience to when I get to put my skills to use on routine and challenging surgical cases.

I look forward to meeting all of my future clients and patients, as well as helping patients enjoy a healthy and happy life.

Brandon Burge, DVM

Dr. Burge is a Keller, Texas native. He attended Texas A&M for his undergraduate degree and then went on to pursue his career in veterinary medicine at University of Missouri College of Veterinary Medicine, graduating in 2021.

Dr. Burge originally worked with Dr. Johnson as a veterinary technician while completing his undergraduate degree. Once he graduated vet school he decided to return home and joined Neighborhood Pet Health Center in the summer of 2021.

Other than practicing routing veterinary care, Dr. Burge also has a special interest in dermatology, ophthalmology and dentistry. He is here to help with any needs that your pet may have.

He is the first veterinarian in his family and his passion for the industry grew while he was young as he says “I always know I wanted to be a veterinarian and helping pets is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

*When not practicing, Dr. Burge loves to spend time with his wife, Syndey and their rescue dog, Porter. He enjoys the outdoors, taking Porter on hikes and fishing with his friends and family.